Faraway memories


Some days ago

were the last days i was happy

I felt this is life and I’m on the go

Not knowing the tornado is fast approaching

Slowly and slowly darkness takes it’s place

The last candle flame died off with a blaze

So quickly the smile on my face

is switched over to a sad moaning gaze

When we are happy no one realizes

The next day,the painful arrow pierces

Everyone tells pleasure is a interval between two pains

But for some everyday is cursed with gray rains

Sadness pulls everything down

One thing never goes off the face,the frown

Even if they pretend to be smiling

Their face shows that inside they’re crying

Whatever they see it’s black and white

No color,brightness,contrast or light

Tress appear like dead end wraths

Flowers look like colorless traps

Waters look like teardrops collected in  one place

No longer does my world look like a perfect image

Even if it does it’s just a mirage

Far through this path no light is gleaming

I’m faraway from even imagining happiness of dreaming

Tomorrow I guess I’ll see

Tides and winds blowing on me

Felling the same depressed way

Unreachable happiness will never come to my bay

It feels as though

Even if the sun collides with a  planet

I’ll be the same,singing the same lament

Going on and on

From dusk to dawn

Expecting emphatic joy to find me

and be with happiness even though it’ll never be..

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Founder of ilovemusic

I love singing,writing poems,stories,dancing and all things which are fun to do!!

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