My first film

I wrote this poem when i was in 5th grade.So it’s  a bit childish but anyway..and one more thing please do read the whole poem.

Going to the stall through the deserted street

To buy things for the birthday treat

I saw the street lights switch off

far away i could hear someone cough

I thought this is it I’ve come to the shop

but no one was there

The street was really bare

On the pavement was a shop named

The party door

it had all things I wished for

Snow-sprays,Balloons and cake

I wished that the shopkeeper should come fast for heaven’s sake

No one came

The idea of standing there till he comes was  so lame

So i took whatever I need

put some cash on the slab

I took my snowboard and started riding

That time i made an interesting finding

There was something black in front of me

What it was? I couldn’t see

I wasn’t scared,I started singing a song

The road never ended it was so long

and sadly i was pulled into the ice

Quickly i rolled the dice

I got the number 3

Some angels came to rescue me

I came out

At last Scene-13 ended

Everyone told my acting was splendid

I started getting ready for Scene-14

any way after this acting is gonna be one of my daily routine


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Founder of ilovemusic

I love singing,writing poems,stories,dancing and all things which are fun to do!!

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