Rain – an abstract

The pleasant pitter patter sound

Falling on a quite alcove all around

Making the juggling flowers dance

And the trees are beautified just like the lush green grass

Drop by drop the clouds are melting

Miles and miles of water makes it look so tempting

Raindrops so clean,transparent and pure

The grievances of our soul also cure

It finally comes to an end where no more water pours

The sounds of lightning and thunders roars

Ceases within a few hours

When the gray clouds diminish so swiftly

The rainbow takes it’s place so quickly

making a last farewell to the rain

Waiting for it for some more days is such a pain

Yes,the rain left the earth for now

turning the dryed up desert onto ice but how ?

Changing yellow autumn trees into green trees

Moving through the rocky terrains with wild breeze

Changing everything from black and white

To colorful,contrasting,lomoish bright

Elating every soul it reaches

Calming every restless mind

No where ,will such a priceless gift be there,to find

Raindrops so clean,transparent and pure


Published by

Founder of ilovemusic

I love singing,writing poems,stories,dancing and all things which are fun to do!!

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