Poem #5


After days of darkness

the sun finally emerges

But there is no reason why

That let alone today it had to go up so high

I feel a call deep inside my soul

to a place I’ve never been before

People say it’s full of magic

Nothing bad can happen there

nothing miserable or tragic

In that place,no one knows what anger is

they only know words like peace and bliss

I asked them how they could overcome the devil so fast

they told improve the godly love that will forever last

Without any expectation nor any devastation

Also ,self realization is the way

It cannot be achieved overnight or in a single day

But when you seek the blessing of god

Self realization will be on your side without even or odd

Rejoice in whatever the will of god brings to you

Either black or white or gray too

Always avoid haste

as it is the mother of anger which’ll lead you to waste

Pray the supreme power to be by your side

Realize the uselessness of anger and some principles to abide

these golden words stayed in my heart

they always recurred in my mind they never went apart

But one line

Kept repeating in my mind

“Burn anger before anger burns you”

Such a powerful meaning and yet so true..

Don’t forget to comment!!I give inspiring wallpapers.net full credits for this image..


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I love singing,writing poems,stories,dancing and all things which are fun to do!!

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