Evil black cloak

A streaming laughter echoing
In all the seven corners of the earth.
Frizzled hair with blood stains.
Eyes exemplifying menace
Only by that, the creature sustains

One single gaze at her
Equals a life lived in pure volcanic hell.
Quite grisly in her black thick robe
but only to hide the deathly body beneath.
Spreading pitch-black throughout the globe

Her only elixir
Is the fear of people..
She drains all their joy and
Charges them with packs of misery.
Something which the people never demand..

Her evil grin is enough to
Suppress a battalion of soldiers.
Where the wrought of darkness can never remember
the memories of such a person..
This will end one or the other day…
The intimidation and wickedness of
The witch who spoilt everyone’s yesterday!! 


Published by

Founder of ilovemusic

I love singing,writing poems,stories,dancing and all things which are fun to do!!

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