Hue and tint

The seven colors of elegance and beauty

Adding a tinge of radiant and evocative feelings

Roses of red symbolize strength and royalty..

Blue of the sky,of endless possibilities exemplifies truth and serenity

Orange of the Sun represents auspiciousness to spirituality…

Sunflower of yellow shows balance and growth

Emeralds of green symbolize loyalty and integrity

Indigo of the rainbow the color of intuition

Violet in lavender leasing us to complete imagination…

But in the end all these colors converge into the pure and virtuous white

But without knowing this fact that all colors are one

fights based on racial discrimination take place like forest fires…

Why?? anyway everyone converges into pure white in the end!!


Published by

Founder of ilovemusic

I love singing,writing poems,stories,dancing and all things which are fun to do!!

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