Primrose Path

When I realized that
I was left alone
in this primrose yet thorny path
All that I wanted
was one helping hand
To cover the thorns,
Also turn them into tender tulips..
Oh! I waited in vain for the lightning to strike me
But when all my hope vanished into thin air
The divine manifested
Held my hand and told
After this you will tread only on roses
No thorns,needles or knife…
With wonder and excitement
I got up from the steep I had fallen
Thinking-“Carpe diem”!!
I have the supreme God by my side
What or Who can harm me???
All I saw was primrose paths in front of me…
That moment onwards
I stopped shedding tears
For those who arent even worth
my one fragile teardrop!!
It gave me eternal happiness
Now i’m a sunflower and I always face the sun
So obviously I dont see the dark lurking shadow behind me..


Published by

Founder of ilovemusic

I love singing,writing poems,stories,dancing and all things which are fun to do!!

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