Hoping the past ‘me’ is back

Tear drops are gushing out of my heavy eyes

like an ocean of despair and demise

Oh i wish yesterday comes back

How innocent was I !,

unknowing the facts..

Now the truth came to light

I am sorry to tell truth is

as bitter as black

Hurts like a thorn

Bites like cold

and murders me like death..

My heart here is tearing like a fragile paper made of glass

Oh!sensitive me

This is just a passing cloud..

No.. i dont understand Why should this happen now???


15 thoughts on “Hoping the past ‘me’ is back

  1. Nice poem, It goes with one of the posts I wrote on my blog asking myself “why me.?” This poem get me back to that post and the feeling I had when I write that post. Good stuff and I’m happy you followed my blog and I don’t just like your blog I love I’m going to read evry poem on it. Chao.

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