Fake smiling is much easier than
telling them why I am sad..
On my face of false imitations
A smile to look joyous’
but inside i am crying
my heart is bleeding with teardrops
created by the ‘uncherished me’..
I bring dishonor to myself whenever i speak
So i think i will better remain as an underwater lotus
Die of decay caused by the obliging water
I would rather be a invisible person
No one or nothing affected by me
A short message to this world
I feel all you have to do is-“let it be!”


Published by

Founder of ilovemusic

I love singing,writing poems,stories,dancing and all things which are fun to do!!

4 thoughts on “Smiles”

  1. Deep thoughts–thank you for sharing! And thank you for your comment earlier. I somehow deleted the post “Through Trials” without realizing it but ended up reposting it on 11.1.14 so it wouldn’t show up twice. Haha I’m glad you enjoyed it. 🙂 Blessings, Beth

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