A cornucopia of memories

The fabric of life
woven by threads of memories
Of various styles and designs
Life depends on the way it aligns

A cornucopia of memories
Be it dark or cold
The circular wheel of eternal time
Completes it like a rhyme


Published by

Founder of ilovemusic

I love singing,writing poems,stories,dancing and all things which are fun to do!!

14 thoughts on “A cornucopia of memories”

  1. Hi, how are you?My name is Ehsan,I appreciate your beautiful poems,they are nice,I have some questions from you,would you mind if you send me an email ask my inquiries?thanks

  2. Heyy !!! Thats a nice poem…. Well written … I just wanna ask that what does cornucopia means ??? Thanks…

  3. This Poem, both in its Form and Content, reminded me very much so of The Second Coming. Of late, particularly in Poetry Chicago and Tri-Quarterly, readers have been presented with a simple amalgam of images, all the while being denied (and, if it offends a sensibility of ease, then I ask that you please do forgive the Kantian terminology) the thing-in-itself, the Picture, the Humean Impression and not simply a collection of ideas that, while oft times intelligent, are always lacking; in both Yeats’ ‘The Second Coming’ and your ‘A cornucopia of memories’ the Reader is presented with the creation of something more than a simple collection of images or a hodgepodge of ‘good’ or ‘nice’ ideas, the Reader is presented with something rare indeed: a simultaneously sharp feeling that remains romantically vague, by which I mean, it combines the fundamental and foundational elements that allow for a Dewey-like ‘Experience’ that is relatable to all, while being open enough (because the Poem is itself comfortable enough with itself, as it is now its own Art Object, and exists independently in the world) to allow for interpretation and internal debate as to its very meaning.

    As I read your Poem, I feel as though it is a Work that has the power to direct my very own actions by directing my very own recollections of memories long stored away.


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