To a sailor in the sea

Although it seems like the future is a blur,

Mountains to cross,dramas unfurl

Passenger seat,The world’s moving too fast.

Stop the train and I’ll go see

Better view from the outside

When my wings are set free.

Pretty much like a graffiti wall

Seeing,the colors stealing it all

Enjoy now,we’re wild and free.

Anything can happen,

To a sailor in the sea.🚣

Copyright Β© 2017. All rights reserved




Published by

Founder of ilovemusic

I love singing,writing poems,stories,dancing and all things which are fun to do!!

31 thoughts on “To a sailor in the sea”

  1. a sailor at sea
    hear not the siren’s singing
    their hunger songs
    sailor you break me
    each time you leave our shores
    return soon… mend me
    a drunken sailor
    many a tale could tell
    but he’s lost his tounge
    a sailor… late one night
    found his house in darkness
    public house… closed
    Loved yours, inspired mine, thank you.


    1. Wow…glad the poem inspired you πŸ˜€ About your poem ,the flow was so smooth, its such a great example of an exemplary work and good display of ur skills as a poet.
      Keep it up πŸ™‚

  2. I hear a subtle rhythm in what first appeared to be prose statements. I read, step out of yourself and the narrow corner of the world you’ve put yourself in, and the future will be that much more open.

    Thank you for liking my poem “Their Machinations”!

  3. Dear Founderofilovemusic,
    This poem is definitely going into my favorites!!!! XD
    I like all your writings,it’s full of feelings and the spontaneous overflow of powerful emotions and sentiments are incredible!

    “In the moonless darkness of words the dreamers vanish,
    Beside the river of discord the oceans did vanish
    See the shadows of ourselves,love for poetry will never diminish
    For all the poets whose talents will never vanish.”

    Take care

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