I am  17 ,trying to discover the world,what’s going on around me singing,music,poems,reading,writing,dancing-I love them the most.I dont talk much until you get to know me.But once we’re friends yup!you cant believe it’s me

Socializing,interacting with a lot of people-I love that too.Hope you like my poems.Have a good read 🙂

Thank you all so much for the support.


19 thoughts on “About”

      1. I just copied it as well so I’m not really sure lol. Try to visit who nominated me and they have the logos too.

  1. I am sooo blest you stopped by Grace Notes…it drew me here…to discover these lacey delicate but unbreakable distillations of volumes lived, or thought.

    Thank you for these, and for the price bound into their creation.

  2. I was born and basically raised in Harlem, in New York CIty till age 17 when I went into the Air Force at age 17. One happy time in my life was six months that my parents actually rended an apartment in Brooklyn. Out of the kitchen window, I could see the statue of Liberty. My Father could not stand the happiness and goodness of the place and moved us back to deep Harlem on Lexington Avenue and 116th St. It was a very unhappy time in my youth. As to your blog site with 2,000 plus hit….”Beautiful.” I am now an official follower who reads your poetry work with great appreciation and understanding.

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