Thirteen to fifteen

Didn’t tell a word but they understood,

That is how our friendship looked. 

Secrets,laughter,codes and fun.

The one who had wild imagination.     

The one who made me belong.

The one who had nice talks,but less communication

But we have all grown apart,      

Our worlds don’t coincide anymore.

New friends,different paths,different destinations.

Tears roll down for they were the ones that count.

 Fights,misunderstandings,endless talks 

Have now been replaced with sweet memories

I miss them all,but we’re too far.

Not by distance,but by our hearts.

Best friends forever-Thirteen to fifteen. 

Now Im seventeen,the friendship is missing and now totally unseen.  

Our talks are now few and far between.
Miss them ūüė¶ 


Dreams come true

I’ll not let you win
The words you said
“You can’t become that
You cant become this”
I’ll prove to ¬†you
That it aint true

I know I can touch the sky
I don’t need you , to teach me how to fly
You obviously  just cant see it coming.
I might not know where I’m running.
But I’ll fly out with flaming colors.

I don’t where I’m going
I don’t know how I’ll achieve ¬†it.
But I will.
and I know it
I’ve got it all
The right spirit.

Demonic angel

I can hear…

Cackling sounds of laughter

Whispers of  demonic voices

Shattering of glass plates

Innocent souls screaming for help.

. I just couldn’t imagine the darkness beyond the door..

I touch the latch to unlock the devilry inside..

The door opens with creaking sounds..

Thud!!A black bat came hit my face with such force I was nearly lifeless…

But inside, I see my mind clutched by grip of the conscience

Was that my mind??

Devilish eyes blood all over the wall

Shadows dancing on the floor

Knives and weapons all around me

Suddenly a sweet whisper is heard

It was my conscience the only white and sacred being there

I listened to my conscience with utmost loyalty

Now I am happy as the darkness beyond the door changed into the illumining twilight!!

Nothing but an illusion

The fake smile,
The soothing laughter,
The hoax impression.

Sometimes it is not that people change,
It is just that
they pull their masks off.
The reality vanishes into a mere illusion,

The vivid colours of a rainbow,
always merge into one colour.
Here,their different false pretences
merge into one beam of darkness,

When their laughter,smile or words
turns into nothing but an illusion..