Everything is fine

Life’s feels so fine

Everything in a perfect condition

It feels like all the uneven threads

have woven into a beautiful piece of fabric

all by them self.


The vices era

Greedy ,selfish world around me
Will do anything for what they want
The only consent they need is from their desires
Even taking a life away
would not matter or bring guilt
Empathy is impossible in them
Minds tangled with selfish creeps
Desires filled with grooves of lust
A climber to gain support
wiggles,tumbles,to get hold of it’s reinforce
Never gives up; to become a creeper
All driven with a parasitic motive
No care for others
Either if they are in a pool of blood
or devastated scenario
“I want what I want”
is ringing like an eternal bell
in the minds poisoned
by seeds of vices

The combat

She creates quarrels
based on one single thing
Her miserable imagination
Running wild ; like red fire flames
Very pessimistic and cynical
Each and every word of hers
Creates a coliseum of impacts
All making my days worse
Utterance of a single scene of her creative mind
Gives me the blow of life
So crooked,so criminal
Don’t good thoughts
at least arise in her mind partially
like the virtuous rays of sunrise
How can one live in complete negativity
wont they ever want the sun’s rays??

Patience was lacking

I thought that action was against me
Brutal,sad and hostile towards myself
But little did I know
there was a huge unfolding explanation for it
When the time came by
I realized how fruitful those actions
were in absolute reality
I thanked but no one heard
because i threw the doer
to a regretful position
at the fatal thought of my innocence
I didn’t think about the faces of time
Past-where turned stones cannot be unturned
Future-where present deeds can have any effect
Dreadful mind,why didn’t you leave me to think
about the uncertain future..
Now i feel guilty
If i had waited for some time
I would really know
the genuine intention behind
the obliging deed..


Making mistakes is a perpetual procedure

that everyone has to endure in their life

Just like the rising and setting of the immortal sun

Cannot be stopped or slowed by any means

But flawed is my mind

Someone makes the same mistake as I did unknowingly

But their mistake is magnified like a massive black dot

on a plain sheet of white paper

My mind forbids to forgive

Even though i am being constantly reminded by the critical side of me

That I have done the same thing

But I’m so sorry,

I am a slave to my mind

I keep by it’s decisions

I cannot forgive or forget as I wish

Prior permission is needed from my mind

But the only words resonating in my mind are

“Don’t forgive,even though you did the same mistake”

So i will not…

I am helpless,enslaved by the clutches of the unworthy mind

Release me!

Oh! vicious king of thoughts

I want to take decisions on my own

Leave me alone

Oh!Evil and malignant mind .

I want forgiveness in me

But you constantly remind me

The sorrowful memories of grey

Increasing the flame of arrogance

And in the end

Everything will be out of my reach

And i would feel guilty

For having had listened to you

Oh!poisonous mind..