New things

Hey everyone..I guess i’m gonna start writing songs…So every week some new song will be put up so ….enjoy…….



Clouds in the sky

The first song which me and my friend created.


Never thought I could fly,Clouds in the sky

I feel like a bird ,But i fail to try..

Flyin over the sea,I fell so free

Hard to believe,it was actually me…

CH:I’m soaring through the air to you,

       Through the endless stretch of sky so blue,

       And we’ve got the best view of all,

       Standing,Standing,Standing tall……..(music)

 C for Cumulus

 C for Cirrus

 N for… Nimbus,that’s right….

Carrying memories


Into the darkest night…

The clouds coloured gray

Shower us with  a spray

As we pass by the hills,with it’s rivers and mills.

Then the sun rises up on the top of our school

So that each cloud’s cup

Say’s the words”WE RULE”

CH:I’m soaring through the air to you,

Through the endless stretch of sky so blue,

And we’ve got the best view of all,

Standing,Standing,Standing tall……..(music)

Hey everyone,did u like the song.I’m sure i’ll upload the tune after some days.Plz feel free to comment .”I love music” 🙂

And who ever wants to share this information can share it with anyone .

:-)Wait for more songs.Hope u like them toooo.


Hey people back with a brand new post.Education……WE have to learn all the subjects(science,social,maths)people give importance to subjects which are top in the priority list.I’ll tell u about the priority list:-

Science & computer(really important)

Social and maths(important)

English and Languages(need to know)

Arts(nope!!! Not needed)

Ok.. but in my view i don’t like science or maths or any other subject for that matter.My priority list is different:-

Arts(most important) :-)

So when i go around asking people what’s their passion .I am SURPRISED.They don’t know what their passion is .SO people find out what your passion is.If you become something u don’t wanna be i am sure you will hate to do the job.But on the other hand if u do something u like you can do it for years,decades and more without feeling bored.

But i’m not telling u to stop studying or anything like that.You can study but make some time to follow ur passion .After some years if we find people who are only doctors and engineers (these jobs are known as the best earning jobs)just guess what’ll happen no music,dance,art…nothing.We won’t have musicians,singers,artists,archaeologists,dancers etc.It’ll be a world with nothing.So everyone if you’ve found out your passion and it’s singing,I’d love to tell u that me and my friend are really happy bcoz ,,even our passion is singing.Plz help us write songs,give tune to it and don’t forget to comment your ideas when we release the albums.We just love singing.

Here’s a quote.

“Singing is our passion and now………it became our fashion”

And everyone i’ve got a small request.Plz sugget a name for our band and soon we are planning to upload our album “Out of the Blue” Hope u like it :-) )