Thirteen to fifteen

Didn’t tell a word but they understood,

That is how our friendship looked. 

Secrets,laughter,codes and fun.

The one who had wild imagination.     

The one who made me belong.

The one who had nice talks,but less communication

But we have all grown apart,      

Our worlds don’t coincide anymore.

New friends,different paths,different destinations.

Tears roll down for they were the ones that count.

 Fights,misunderstandings,endless talks 

Have now been replaced with sweet memories

I miss them all,but we’re too far.

Not by distance,but by our hearts.

Best friends forever-Thirteen to fifteen. 

Now Im seventeen,the friendship is missing and now totally unseen.  

Our talks are now few and far between.
Miss them ­čśŽ 



I wrote this for my friend as she was sad about what’s happening around


I wish you a happy and prosperous weekend

Your happiness to improve rather than weaken

Life opens up with new things to see
you may feel surprised,happy ,joyous or peaceful or anything else maybe
But everything has it’s own reasons
Like the ever changing seasons
Only in the future will you know
Why happiness or sadness came to you with such a  turbulent flow..