Thirteen to fifteen

Didn’t tell a word but they understood,

That is how our friendship looked. 

Secrets,laughter,codes and fun.

The one who had wild imagination.     

The one who made me belong.

The one who had nice talks,but less communication

But we have all grown apart,      

Our worlds don’t coincide anymore.

New friends,different paths,different destinations.

Tears roll down for they were the ones that count.

 Fights,misunderstandings,endless talks 

Have now been replaced with sweet memories

I miss them all,but we’re too far.

Not by distance,but by our hearts.

Best friends forever-Thirteen to fifteen. 

Now Im seventeen,the friendship is missing and now totally unseen.  

Our talks are now few and far between.
Miss them 😦 



Someone asked me what i wanted
to be in the uncertain future
with joy i told without any doubt
-“a singer”
the whole surrounding streamed
with cackles of laughter
i was sensitive and fragile
i brokedown like a glassrod
in minutes i saw myself
sweating,crying at this unfathomable cause
that was the end of my courage
i was once bold like a blue ocean
but now a lifeless creature
hope that incident had not occured
hate this evil Life
just insensitive people With hearts of stone


Fake smiling is much easier than
telling them why I am sad..
On my face of false imitations
A smile to look joyous’
but inside i am crying
my heart is bleeding with teardrops
created by the ‘uncherished me’..
I bring dishonor to myself whenever i speak
So i think i will better remain as an underwater lotus
Die of decay caused by the obliging water
I would rather be a invisible person
No one or nothing affected by me
A short message to this world
I feel all you have to do is-“let it be!”

How considerate!!

Driving past the trodden roads of apathy
He sees a dog,gazing for help
Blood pouring out from every vein,
The feeling that death is going to strike any moment..
Lying there as a support less,lifeless creature..
Waiting to be seized by the clutches of death
or at least someone to aid..

He drives past this scene
Feeling his heart sink
“Should’ve helped”,”Should’ve helped”
keeps lingering every moment
guilt poking like thorn at every direction..
Unable to bear this constant torture between two choices
He goes there,

Fetches it with weeping eyes
Feeling good,that at least he was on time
No death had occurred pushing him to a life of guilt
Carefully takes it to the doctor
and all aid which can be done
and also keeping and caring for it
Even though the doer and this act may perish
This work of art will always remember
The memory undertaken to do this..


How many of us feel…
Happiness is always joyful to deal
It is a type of mysterious sadness
So deep as deepness
Happiness is pain
Waiting for it again and again
Is like crossing a untimely wave..
Who knows when it’s gonna touch me and enslave..

During happiness,we know an powerful arrow of sadness will strike us any moment..
Like an avalanche,flood,volcano eruption or torrent..
It is utter torture
To wait for it in the future
If happiness is itself not providing us
with eternal joy..
How can anyone do??
Sorry I am not waiting for your rendezvous!!..

Primrose Path

When I realized that
I was left alone
in this primrose yet thorny path
All that I wanted
was one helping hand
To cover the thorns,
Also turn them into tender tulips..
Oh! I waited in vain for the lightning to strike me
But when all my hope vanished into thin air
The divine manifested
Held my hand and told
After this you will tread only on roses
No thorns,needles or knife…
With wonder and excitement
I got up from the steep I had fallen
Thinking-“Carpe diem”!!
I have the supreme God by my side
What or Who can harm me???
All I saw was primrose paths in front of me…
That moment onwards
I stopped shedding tears
For those who arent even worth
my one fragile teardrop!!
It gave me eternal happiness
Now i’m a sunflower and I always face the sun
So obviously I dont see the dark lurking shadow behind me..

The guide

Soft whispering sound of winds
Majestic blue waves of the ocean
Sizzling mesmorizing fire
and hustling green leaves…
All created and taken care of
By a supreme ever-forgiving one..
Who cannot be seen
But felt
His primary purpose is to
Look after all the inconsistent humanity
Altering their mistakes
Taking tests
Giving rewards
and punishments too
For him,names are many
But he is one
The one who keeps lingering
in a part of your heart telling
you what right or wrong is..
Like a eternal guide and parent
He stays with you
Guiding you through a primrose yet thorny path..