Hello…..I’ve been away for a long time,By long ¬†I mean loooooooong time.Oh god!2 years…anyway I’m back now,Hope life is treating you well fellas…

Gone are the days
I didn’t care about anything
Although I know
What I want is now vanishing.

Happy now?
You wanted this right?
You knew I wouldn’t stand a chance
Didn’t tell me.
Now,will I let you go out of my sight?

Walk just one step more
Slipping on my tears
Walking on my roof of hope
Which just shattered and fell because of you
You didn’t know,did you?

Roses were redūüĆĻ
The sky was blue ūüĆĆ
Did you except
It’ll come back
and hit your face too.

Dreams come true

I’ll not let you win
The words you said
“You can’t become that
You cant become this”
I’ll prove to ¬†you
That it aint true

I know I can touch the sky
I don’t need you , to teach me how to fly
You obviously  just cant see it coming.
I might not know where I’m running.
But I’ll fly out with flaming colors.

I don’t where I’m going
I don’t know how I’ll achieve ¬†it.
But I will.
and I know it
I’ve got it all
The right spirit.

The vices era

Greedy ,selfish world around me
Will do anything for what they want
The only consent they need is from their desires
Even taking a life away
would not matter or bring guilt
Empathy is impossible in them
Minds tangled with selfish creeps
Desires filled with grooves of lust
A climber to gain support
wiggles,tumbles,to get hold of it’s reinforce
Never gives up; to become a creeper
All driven with a parasitic motive
No care for others
Either if they are in a pool of blood
or devastated scenario
“I want what I want”
is ringing like an eternal bell
in the minds poisoned
by seeds of vices